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The Drinking Water Interpretation Tool is provided by the Institutes of Energy and the Environment and Penn State Extension.

This website provides interpretation of water test results you have received from a water testing laboratory. Simply enter your results into the boxes below and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to get an interpretation of your results. If you are visiting this site and have not had your water tested, you should arrange to have your water tested through a state certified water testing laboratory. A list of certified labs is available from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection at For a list of recommended water tests and testing strategies, consult our water testing fact sheet. For more information on each of the contaminants listed here, consult the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Safe Drinking Water web site.

Enter Microbial Results (All are Primary Standards)

Enter Inorganic Chemicals with Health Standards

Enter Inorganic Chemicals with Aesthetic Standards

Enter Volatile Organic Chemicals (All are Health-related Standards)

Enter Synthetic Organic Chemicals (All are Health-related Standards)

Enter Radionuclides (All are Health-Related Standards)

When you have entered all of the values from your water test, use the submit button to run the analysis. If you need to start over, or wish to enter data for a new water sample, click the reset button to clear the information you have entered.